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Parking and Profit: sensible swaps for smart cities

We’ve all heard about the pandemic hurting hospitality businesses, especially those in city centres. Those temporary street parking for dining space swaps – parklets – have thown up some surprises

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Changing Street Parking: strategy vs world

In city transport, if you sort out parking, everything becomes possible. And if you fail to sort out parking, everything will be way harder. Auckland’s followed Wellington in making a good parking strategy, so let’s hear how that went!

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Q: Is your city in chains right now? A: Depends on parking

It doesn’t matter how good everything else is: if your city’s wrongheaded about private car parking everything else will be in chains. But happily the converse is also true… tune in Wednesday 23rd for details!

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Parking for sensible cities: webinar 2

Equity, residents’ parking, behaviour change, and some myths busted – by popular demand, expert insights on parking plus some Wellington changemaking

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Plenty of parking, or something else? A webinar with Stuart Donovan

TUI Climate Community and Millions of Mothers proudly bring you expert transport researcher Stuart Donovan, live on Wednesday 3rd June and all about the parking.

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Have your say on Wellington’s proposed Parking Policy: the FULL BANANA edition

There’s a proposed new gospel for dealing with parking and it’s going to shape our city profoundly. Here’s your step by step handy guide for an awesome, high-quality submission

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Have your say on Wellington’s proposed Parking Policy: the TL;DR edition

There’s a proposed new gospel for dealing with parking. It’s open for feedback til Monday 8th and it’s important because parking is so influential. No time? No problem!

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School gate parking wars! Do we actually enjoy it?

Guest poster Ben T writes: we love our kids, so we… behave at our worst, and endanger them where they congregate every day – often spoiling rare time together. How will school communities react, as Wellington City heads towards asking “how should we do parking?”

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What would a free market for parking look like?

As Wellington quietly gears up to grasp the nettle of urban carparking management, City Beautiful’s Stephen Davis has insights from a place taking a much less regulated approach

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On-street parking: let’s get it right(er) in Wellington city

Aah, street parking our old friend. We’re wising up to you… and it’s time to get smarter about what you give us and take from us

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